Career Overview:

Would you like to play an important role in health care and work with a diverse group of patients? If you’re comfortable with blood, needles, attention to detail and can communicate well, employment in this area is expected to grow and has been ranked as one of the top 100 jobs by US News and World Report.

Phlebotomy Technicians draw blood for tests, transfusions, research, or blood donations.  Medical Laboratory Assistants are able to perform a variety of tasks within the medical laboratory including waived and point-of-care testing and quality assurance.  They typically work in hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories, blood donor centers, physician offices, and other health care facilities.

The demand for certified Phlebotomists is growing much faster than average.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics this field is projected to grow 25% through 2024. (BLS January 2016) Due to the shortage of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Scientists, hospitals are hiring phlebotomists/lab assistants to perform clinical duties within the laboratory.

Also, watch the video below for an insight into working in a medical laboratory setting:

Employment Outlook:

24% increase in available jobs through 2022.

Projected Pay:

The median wage for phlebotomy technicians/lab assistants is $34,480 annually / $16.58 per hour

Does a Career in a Medical Lab interest you?

If so, Marion Technical College is NOW ENROLLING for its Fall 2019 Phlebotomy/Medical Laboratory Assistant program.  To find out more, contact us.

Classes are held at the Fostoria Learning Center.

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