• Modern Manufacturing Fundamentals


    Jumpstart workforce productivity at your company with training designed to help your employees reach benchmark levels in key skill areas.


    Module I:

    • Lean principles and culture — your employee will learn how important they are to the organization and to every individual in the organization — and why you need them to give 100%.
    • Foundation for Precision Measurement — sharpen the shop math and measurement skills that tend to be a weakness for today’s employees.


    Module II:

    • Precision Measurement in the modern manufacturing setting. Converting English to Metric, Measure Precisely by ruler, micrometer, caliper, read Vernier scale, understand tolerance, dial indicators/mounting, gage blocks, torque.
    • Workplace Safety — let us support your company’s internal efforts to hold firm to a culture of safe work activities.


    Module III:

    • Introduction to Print Reading — understand the importance of industrial prints, print formats, basic symbols. Get comfortable and be ready to learn quickly on the job.
    • Automation and Mechanical Awareness — gain familiarity with workplace automated equipment, Human-Machine interfaces, and hands-on mechanical exercise with tools.


    2019 Schedule

    Module I: January 25, February 1 & 8

    Module II: To Be Announced

    Module III: To Be Announced

    Location: Fostoria Learning Center

    Class Time: Friday, Noon-4pm

    Cost: $349 per employee per module


    This training is brought to you in partnership with Owens Community College.

    Advance Registration required. Seating is limited.
    (419) 408-5540 for more information.

  • Peer Today Boss Tomorrow

    Designed to assist supervisors in making a successful transition from “coworker” to “manager” or “supervisor”. Content and activities present four proven strategies to prepare them to deal with the most challenging situations. Participants will learn to accept the responsibilities of new role, to set clear boundaries, to value and practice effective communication, and the importance of taking thoughtful and strategic action. Through interactive learning experiences, participants will learn to address overcoming fears of lost friendships, disciplining former peers, managing older subordinates, avoiding favoritism, keeping information confidential and ways to build trust and credibility.


    2019 Schedule:

    January 17

    March 19

    July 16

    Location: Fostoria Learning Center

    Class Times: 8:00am—Noon

    Cost: $199


    This training is brought to you in partnership with Terra State Community College.

    Advance Registration required. Seating is limited.
    (419) 408-5540 for more information.

  • DDI — Leadership Development Program

    Development Dimensions International (DDI)
    Leadership Development Program
    Learning may start in the classroom or online, but it must continue on the job. Using high-quality curriculum developed by Development Dimensions International, Workforce Development & Corporate Partnerships – Kern Center delivers relevant and challenging learning experiences for all levels from individual contributors and front-line leaders to mid-level and senior-level leaders. More importantly, we help to ensure that newly-learned skills are put to use on the first day back on the job. Your associates will be participating in the following three halfday

    Communicating for Leadership Success
    This foundation course for all DDI Interaction Management courses teaches leaders how to get results through people. During the course, attendees attain the tools necessary for a successful leadership journey. Learners acquire a set of proven interaction skills, discover seven Leadership Imperatives key to meeting today’s challenges, and realize their role as a catalyst leader who inspires others to act. Content includes STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) approach to providing feedback.

    Coaching for Peak Performance
    Gain tools that encourage people to take ownership of and be accountable for their work performance. Create a work
    environment where people are comfortable taking on the risks associated with new responsibilities. Boost morale, improve productivity, and increase profitability by coaching for peak performance in each person. Manage work performance issues, in a fair, consistent manner.

    Resolving Workplace Conflict
    This DDI module enables leaders to recognize signs and stages of conflict, to assess the conflict to determine their level of involvement, and to serve as a catalyst to encourage those involved in the conflict to take responsibility and to achieve resolution. Leaders learn the skill to both provide support and to act as mediators.


    2019 Schedule:

    April 18 — Communicating for Leadership Success

    May 16 — Resolving Workplace Conflict

    June 13 — Coaching for Improvement

    August 15 — Coaching for Leadership Success

    September 24 — Resolving Workplace Conflict

    October 17 — Coaching for Peak Performance

    November 12 — Delegating with Purpose

    December 12 — Maximizing Team Performance or Building and Sustaining Trust

    Location: Fostoria Learning Center

    Class Times: 8:00am—Noon

    Cost: $199 per module


    This training is brought to you in partnership with Terra State Community College.

    Advance Registration required. Seating is limited.
    (419) 408-5540 for more information.

  • MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT)

    The Manufacturing Skill Standard Council, known as MSSC, is a nonprofit organization that that focuses on the core skills and knowledge needed for front-line and material handling workers. This is done through a system of industry-led training, assessments and certifications. MSSC offers both entry-level and the current workforce with the skills they need to carry out high tech jobs of the 21st Century.


    The Fostoria Learning Center will offer training for the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician (CPT) .


    Students will participate in training and hands-on labs in four areas:

    • Safety
    • Manufacturing Process & Production
    • Quality Practices and Measurement
    • Maintenance Awareness


    Qualified persons may receive funding to cover tuition and book costs from the Ohio Short Term certificate grant.  Application for funds is required.


    A certificate is awarded for successful completion of coursework and online assessment for each module. The MSSC System awards a Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential to individuals who pass all four Production modules.


    2019 Schedule:

    January 22, 24, 29, 31

    February 5, 7, 12, 14

    Location: Fostoria Learning Center

    Class Times: 9:00am—5:00pm

    Registration Fee: The cost of the program is $1,050. Grant Funds are available to pay $1,000.00 of the fee.  The total cost for a student to attend is just $50.00.


    This training is brought to you in partnership with Rhodes State College.

    Advance Registration required. Seating is limited.
    (419) 408-5540 for more information.

  • LEARNING to See – A New Perspective on Risk Utilizing Visual Literacy

    Your workers might be missing 90% of the picture, and you might be too.

    Every day, we are bombarded with so much information that our senses – our vision in particular – exist in a state of constant overload.  Being able to identify, interpret, and act upon visual information – a skillset known in the art and communication world as visual literacy – is more crucial than ever in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.  Although conceived from a different context, the application of visual literacy has the potential to drive success across multiple layers of business.  From the shop floor to the boardroom, to hazard awareness and pre-job analysis, to risk decision-making, the strategic value of becoming more visually literate may help organizations achieve the next step-change improvement in performance.


    Key takeaways –

    • Increasing your Awareness of Bias
      • Once you see something, it is hard to remember what is was like not to see it.
      • Sometimes, you cannot see what is in front of you, even if you know it is there.
      • You are always filling in the blanks based on what you expect to be there.
    • Real applications where LEARNING to See can help to keep people safe
      • Hazard awareness
      • Incident investigation
      • Pre-job risk assessment


    3-Hour Visual Literacy Workshop


    Advance Registration required. Seating is limited.
    (419) 408-5540 for more information.