What do Forklift Operators do?

Forklift Operators move materials around warehouses, factories, construction sites, storage yards, and other large sites. Depending on the location you’re working at will determine the type of forklift truck you’ll operate — if you’re working in a warehouse facility chances are you’ll drive an industrial electric or gas powered truck.  You’ll also use a variety of attachments to move different types of materials around, e.g. a slip sheet, barrel clamp, or a drum grabber are just a few of the different types of attachments you’ll use. You’ll also need to be able to change out these attachments depending on the materials to be moved.

Working a forklift may seem like an easy job, but it can be very repetitive. And not everything you move can be moved using a forklift — sometimes you may just need to kneel, stoop or crawl in awkward positions, and be able to carry heavy objects.

Operating a forklift is considered a “hazardous occupation,” according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. You will receive OSHA training at the site where you are working, regardless of your forklift driving experience. If you’ve never operated a forklift truck before you may consider getting some operator training before you apply for jobs.

Projected Pay:

Forklift Operators can expect to earn between $12-$16 per hour. Demand for Forklift Operators is currently very high in the Fostoria, Findlay and surrounding areas.

Career Pathway:

Working as a Forklift Operator is a great first step into a career in the manufacturing / production / warehousing industry.  From here you can move on up to Supervisor, Manager, or even Plant Manager.

Does a Job as a Forklift Operator interest you?

If so, the Fostoria Learning Center is now ENROLLING for it’s Forklift Operator Training Program. To find out more contact:

Fostoria Learning Center
342 Perry Street, Fostoria
Phone: 419-408-5540
Email: flcassistant@fostorialearningcenter.org



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