Our Electrical Apprenticeship programs are run through ABC Northwest Ohio Chapter and take place at the Fostoria Learning Center.  We have a huge space where students carry out practical training on electrical equipment — we thought we’d share some behind-the-scenes photos of our second year Electrical Apprentices in the classroom.

Electricians plan the electrical systems for homes and businesses, and install conduit, wiring, and other electrical components for breaker boxes, switches, light fixtures, heating and air conditioning, electrical machinery and a variety of other things. On the job, electricians use a variety of hand and power tools. Electricians must have good critical thinking and mathematical skills.

If this is something that interests you, or someone you know, more information about the Electrical Apprenticeship program can be obtained from:

Scott Giesler
Email: scottg@nocabc.com
Phone: 440-717-0389

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