The Fostoria Learning Center is pleased to announce another Forklift Operator Training program will start June 18. Once again, this program is free to individuals who are interested in finding a new job, and provides a great opportunity for Graduating Seniors to enter the workforce.

As well as classroom time, there is practical Forklift Operator training time built into the program, giving students the opportunity to not only drive an electric-powered industrial forklift, but to move materials around a warehouse facility using various attachments.  At the end of the training, students will be presented with a Certificate of Completion that they can share with employers.

Forklift Operators are in demand in the Fostoria and surrounding areas. Just some of the companies who currently employ Forklift Operators are Mennel Milling, Ohio Logistics, McLane Company and Roki America.

For more information on this training program, contact the Fostoria Learning Center on 419-408-5540 or click here to download our flyer